Our ShoutCast Radio Hosting is in fully professional mode. You can build your own internet radio channel and express yourself worldwide.

The worlds number one shoutcast control panel software that features are below. It is not just a control panel, it is your powerful tool to broadcast and provide internet radio services with your WHM/cPanel. Design is based on WHM/cPanel style as you like. You can start your radio hosting services or your own radio within a minute with WHMSonic by following the below three easy steps.  The following features are the main features of WHMSonic, it has sub-features under these features and there are other minor features we didn’t include them here.

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Basic Radio Hosting

BDT 200/month

1000 MB Disk Space

5000 MB Bandwidth per month

10 Concurrent User

Live Radio [Demo]

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Pro Radio Hosting Plan

BDT 500/month

2000 MB Disk Space

10000 MB Bandwidth per month

25 Concurrent User

Live Radio [Demo]

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Premium Radio Hosting Plan

BDT 1500/month

5000 MB Disk Space

50000 MB Bandwidth per month

100 Concurrent User

Live Radio [Demo]

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Frequently Ask Question

Q: What is SHOUTcast Radio?

A: Shoutcast radio lets you to create online internet radio. The visitors of your website can listen to your radio and you can create great multimedia pages with WHMSonic. WHMSonic enables you to control your radio easily, it has website integrations menu for you, so you can start your radio on your website easily without searching tons of information on the web.

Q: How do I stream from my computer ? Live Stream ?

A: It is very easy with WHMSonic, you need a stream program installed on your computer. We recommend winamp. You will need shoutcast DSP plugin for your winamp software to stream. Download both winamp and DSP plugin from the following links and install them on your computer. Winamp: www.winamp.com and DSP plugin from http://www.shoutcast.com/broadcast-tools bottom of the page. You will need to enter your radio IP and radio password + radio port on the DSP program, you can find the required information on your software WHMSonic >> List-Manage My Radios page. Configure the encoder settings and start playing music with your winamp, click connect button on dsp plugin to stream.


Q: What is AutoDJ ?

A: The AutoDJ is a system created by WHMSonic for you. Shoutcast radio cannot play music alone, it requires an autodj if you are not going to stream music from your computer. You can simply upload some mp3 files by using playlist manager and setup an autodj for your mp3 files. It will play music and stream to your radio, so your listeners can listen to your radio any time.

Q: How people can listen to my radio ?

A: After you start to stream from your computer or autodj, you can click “Create Player Links” from the left menu of your WHMSonic panel, you will need to put that links on your website or you can share the standart listening url which is http://yourradioip:radioport/listen.pls your listeners or friends can listen to your radio with the above url by using winamp.

Q: Is there any information and support about WHMSonic software ?

A: Yes! You can get information about the software via http://www.whmsonic.com and http://www.sonicpanel.com